Small Business Law

Skilled Legal Counsel for Your Business

Running a business always involves some degree of risk, but knowledgeable advice from a lawyer who knows both the law and business practicalities can help you avoid or reduce many risks through careful planning. Don’t face the complexities of small business law on your own.

The Experience You Need to Handle Complex Business Issues

Attorney Gregory J. Pedrick is experienced at handling many issues that arise under California business law, and his background as a business owner, and in the fields of family law and estate planning, gives him an advantage in handling the unique issues that can significantly impact small family businesses. Contact us by email to schedule an initial consultation about your concerns in any of the following areas:

  • Business formation: We can help you determine whether it is best to run your business as a corporation, LLC (limited liability company), LLP (limited liability partnership), DBA (doing business as), sole proprietorship, partnership, family limited partnership or nonprofit corporation. Once you have chosen a business form, we will prepare all the necessary documents.
  • Contract and document drafting: Every business contract is, unfortunately, the basis for a potential lawsuit. We can help you protect your interests in the drafting of purchase and sale agreements, shipping agreements, vendor agreements, employment contracts, policies and procedures, buy-sell agreements and other documents.
  • Disputes and commercial litigation: With his background at a large litigation firm, attorney Pedrick has the necessary experience to stand up for your rights in contract and commercial litigation, employment litigation, partner and shareholder litigation, and other business disputes.
  • Business succession planning: It is necessary to determine whether your estate plan and your business structure are in sync. We will take the time to go over all contingencies and options with you.
  • Divorce and family business: Your family business may come into play in the division of your property and debts upon divorce. It is important to have an attorney who understands the impact of divorce law on a family business.
  • Business dissolution: If the time has come to close down your business due to the retirement or death of a key participant, economic pressures or other factors, we can help you wind down the business in an orderly fashion, sell business assets and dissolve business entities.

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With offices in Encino, Oxnard and the Santa Clarita Valley, we have guided many small businesses throughout Southern California through a full range of business law issues, from incorporation to high-stakes litigation. Call us at 818-528-4936, 661-591-4132 or 805-254-4173 to discuss how we can help you and your business.

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