Commercial Litigation & Mediation

Commercial Litigation and Mediation Representation

Litigation and mediation involving your business need to be handled by trusted and experienced legal counsel. At Pedrick Law Group, APC, we will be strong advocates for your business.

Our attorneys plan every case for litigation, so we can effectively negotiate your case. We know the challenges you face, and what steps to take to make sure your rights and your business are protected.

Helping You Through the Cycle Of Your Business

We will help you through the cycle of your business by understanding your goals and needs as your business evolves. We handle litigation and mediation involving all aspects of your business, which can include contract disputes, partnership disputes and divorce.

If your business requires commercial litigation, it needs to be handled by a firm you can trust. Our law firm has extensive experience handling complex litigation matters that affect small businesses to corporations in California.

Mediation may be a viable option for your business. Mediation offers many benefits for your business and allows you to find a reasonable resolution. Our lawyers work hard to find a resolution that fits your needs and protects your future.

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Your business needs are specific to your interests and goals. We are here to help, whether you need litigation or mediation services. Our firm represents business clients in commercial litigation and mediation matters in Encino, Oxnard and throughout the San Fernando Valley. Schedule a consultation online, or call us at 661-591-4132, 818-528-4936 or 805-254-4173.

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