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What custody type ensures my role as parent?

Raising a child is a serious and complicated business, especially for parents managing for the first time. Relationships between adults are also difficult, and the combination of separate parents raising a child can be very daunting indeed. But Californians manage all the time, often with the help of the state's family courts.

What is the best way to figure out a custody arrangement?

Is it difficult to relocate with a child after divorce?

A divorce is difficult for children, but it is also difficult for parents. Once a custodial parent has been determined and a custody schedule has been established, the key for both parents and children is to maintain consistency.

However, job opportunities and family changes arise. When they do, a parent may decide that relocation is the answer. If that parent is the custodial parent, can the carefully crafted custody schedule be changed?

Inherited IRAs give divorce judges new ground to cover

Marriage is often a complicated arrangement. Although the basis of marriage should be love, many practical considerations enter into a legal contract. Nothing proves the complexity of marriage more than the difficulties that many people encounter when they are trying to get out of one.

Several new laws entered the U.S. books with the beginning of 2019. For example, alimony payments are now counted as income for the opposite parties as before, which is visiting consequences on millions of dollars' worth of tax returns. Some incidents are not yet described in the relevant laws, so courts and their officers sometimes have to go it alone.

Three ways to help kids get used to shared custody

Children often benefit from maintaining a healthy relationship with both parents, which is why shared custody is becoming the most commonly awarded custody option. However, sometimes children do not see the benefit right away. Sometimes children struggle with the changes that come with shared custody, but there are actions parents can take to help ease the transition.

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How are benefits divided for divorcing service members?

Marriage and military careers are often difficult to mix, as the dual demands of a spouse and the service can cause stress and occasional chaos. Children also may suffer the disagreements of spouses who rely on each other for information on a next posting or deal with extended absences. Divorce can often prove just as complicated, including the management of military benefits after the end of a marriage.

How are divisions of military benefits decided?

Can my former partner take half of my pension?

Many Americans plan for retirement for much of their adult lives. They invest, save and work long schedules to ensure their retirement will be luxurious and enjoyable. However, divorce may easily disrupt any retirement plans they have.

When it comes to retirement, a pension fund is a large part of the savings. If a former partner tries to take half of that fund, you may have to extend your working age or find creative ways to recover those funds. But can your partner even take away any of your retirement benefits?

Abused spouses have a divorce solution in California

When it comes to divorce, there is no easy way to start or finish the process. But this is never truer than for a victim of an abusive relationship. Fortunately, California is a no-fault state, and divorce is not necessarily a new visit to old problems.

What does "no-fault state" mean?

Divorce may be complicated for business owners

Divorce is always a complicated process that is often fraught with emotional problems. Since emotions can lead to poor decision-making when they are not maintained, most people prefer the protection of legal representation while they are dealing with divorce.

This is especially true when business interests and assets are involved in the end of a marriage. The unprecedented divorce case involving one of the world's richest people has many business owners looking for answers to the "what if" questions surrounding divorce.

How do I file for child custody in California?

It's never easy to end a marriage or even consider a separation, but no one has it harder than the children of that marriage. Domestic problems can upend children's routines and cause emotional trauma that can last a long time. Parents who are looking to secure their children's futures and ensure their privileges during a divorce or other custody dispute can use some basic information on California's child custody laws.

  • How do I get custody of my child in California?

There are different reasons to request child custody or visitation rights, but they are established by a court order. Getting an order from a court depends on the legal status of the relationship between parents or other guardians with rights in the case, as well as any other legal requirements like restraining orders or agency interventions.

  • What are the different ways to get the court order?

Four common financial mistakes to avoid during a divorce

The divorce process tends to bring out the worst in people. People sometimes become irrationally fixated on spiting their spouse or clinging to assets that may not benefit them. Also, people sometimes overindulge in comforting habits or pursue reinventing themselves without considering the consequences. Whatever reasons motivate it, people going through divorce tend to make several financial mistakes along the way. By examining some of the most common financial mistakes people make, you can set yourself up for success in avoiding them.

Not separating finances soon enough

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