Estate Planning Services

A Comprehensive Approach To Estate Planning

Although seldom at the forefront of many clients’ minds, estate planning often figures prominently in resolving family law matters. Whether you are seeking to revise an estate plan in light of a divorce, separation or remarriage, or confronting the probate system following the death of a loved one, we have learned that providing superior service means taking a big-picture approach to assessing — and meeting — your legal needs.

We offer a personal and detailed approach to serving individuals involved in family law disputes, as well as those who have general estate planning needs and value working directly with an experienced lawyer. With more than 20 years of legal experience in California, attorney Gregory J. Pedrick provides the practical and straightforward counsel that is needed to resolve estate planning concerns. When it comes to the rewards of financial success, our clients deserve nothing less.

We Can Handle All Your Estate Planning Needs

We represent many clients who are contemplating or currently going through a divorce or legal separation. We also assist those who, going into a new marriage or domestic partnership, may have questions about their estate plan.

Our firm’s areas of counsel include:

  • Estate planning services: We assist with wills, trusts and other essential documents.
  • Division of property and debt: We determine how your long-term financial situation is likely to change following a divorce or legal separation.
  • Estate planning and divorce: Our team will assess how estate plans should be modified in light of a divorce or legal separation.
  • Trust and probate litigation: We represent executors, administrators and the loved ones of those who have recently deceased.

Post-Divorce Estate Planning Solutions

The consequences of a divorce are far-reaching, beyond child custody and support, to your estate plan. If you don’t act after your divorce, upon your death, improper estate planning may result in assets passing to your former spouse.

At Pedrick Law Group, APC, we take a comprehensive look at your current plan and any needed amendments. Any document naming your former spouse as a beneficiary, devisee, executor, administrator or guardian must be changed. We are here to help and answer your estate planning questions.

Preparing for Change

Imagine going through a divorce and the final order for dissolution is finally signed by the judge. Spousal maintenance, child support and child custody have all been determined, and you think it is all complete. You are ready to move on and prepare for your new life without your former spouse.

But, upon your untimely death, your family finds out that your former spouse is still the executor of your will. And your former spouse is still the beneficiary under your life insurance policy. This is the result of poor estate planning.

A divorce is a highly emotional process that may seem never-ending. But, after everything is done, your estate plan cannot be ignored. We will amend your trust, will, insurance policies, IRA, brokerage accounts, title to real estate and anything else that designates your spouse as a beneficiary or owner.

Separation Without Divorce

If you are in a situation where you no longer live with your spouse, but have decided not to divorce, it may still be important for you to modify your estate plan. We can help you make changes to your trust, will, insurance policies, IRA, brokerage accounts, title to real estate and anything else that designates your spouse as a beneficiary or owner.

Get Started with An Attorney

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