Will My Alimony Stop if I Remarry?  The Financial Impact of a Possible New Marriage

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Alimony, also called spousal support, is a possible financial outcome in a California divorce. Choosing to remarry can impact the alimony you receive from your divorce agreement or settlement. Several factors — one of which is the timing of your new marriage —can result in changes to the divorce decree. If a future marriage is in your plans, and you are seeking a divorce, we can help you. The Pedrick Law Group will work to ensure that you understand the legal consequences for the possible loss of alimony, should you remarry. Contact us online now or call 949-388-8682 for a free case evaluation regarding your Orange County or Irvine divorce. 

Understanding Alimony

Alimony is a court ordered, predetermined sum that one spouse pays to another in a divorce or separation.  The key concept behind alimony is that the divorced spouse has a right to live the same quality of life they previously had when married. 

Spousal support is typically awarded to someone who earns less income than their spouse, has no income at all, or who was responsible for domestic duties.

A judge considers the following factors when determining whether to grant alimony:

  • Marketable skills of the spouse seeking the support
  • The job market for such skills
  • The time and expense for a spouse to obtain job training or an education

Alimony is an important decision when it comes to divorce. If you are the one seeking spousal support, you may face resistance from your partner or spouse. If you are the party subject to possible alimony, the Pedrick Law Group can help you. We will work hard to protect your best interests in all aspects of your divorce, including alimony. 

Alimony Factors and Considerations

It is possible for a spouse to receive temporary spousal support. In matters involving temporary support, the amount ordered is typically calculated using a formula based upon the responsible spouse’s income.  

For alimony ordered at the end of divorce proceedings, a judge considers the following factors:

  • The length of marriage or domestic partnership
  • The age and health of both parties
  • Debts and property
  • Earning potential of spouse seeking support
  • What the spouse requesting support needs to maintain similar lifestyle
  • Whether one spouse helped another with their education or career
  • If one spouse’s career was affected by caring for the children or home

These are a few examples of factors that can influence alimony orders. At the Pedrick Law Group, we assess these and other factors as we build your case for, or possibly against, an order for alimony. A member of our team will ensure that you understand the various outcomes possible for your divorce and issues involving alimony. 

Moving on with your life and someone new can affect your alimony — if you get married. There are three main reasons why alimony may stop:

  • Remarriage
  • Death
  • Court order

Alimony is a serious component of a divorce. Some spouses may pursue spousal support due to giving up their career to raise children. Spouses ordered to pay support may not realize that a new marriage ends the requirement. 

Whatever the reason for your court-ordered alimony, remarriage can bring it to a stop. The loss of this income is something for which you should prepare as you move on with a new spouse. 

Having an Orange County divorce lawyer on your side is important for protecting your best interests. No matter which side of the alimony issue you are on, we can put our experience to work for you.  If you face divorce issues such as spousal support, contact the Pedrick Law Group today online or by calling our Irvine office at 949-388-8682.

Orange County and Irvine Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a difficult process and the financial issues involved can overwhelm you. The alimony you receive can end if you remarry. If you choose not to remarry and your spouse fails to pay the court-ordered spouse, they can face serious consequences. 

The Pedrick Law Group has more than 50 years of combined experience with family law. We treat our clients with respect as we navigate their divorce together. 

Alimony is one segment of your divorce. Protecting your best interests is crucial as you fight for spousal support or defend against it. Our team stands ready to assist you by providing the legal skills essential for any divorce case. 

Marriages sometimes end due to one spouse finding a new love. If this is the case with your divorce, remarrying can affect the spousal support you receive from your ex.  Our team can help you learn more about alimony and other related issues of divorce. We offer a free case evaluation, leaving you nothing to lose by reaching out to us today.

The stress you feel as you deal with the major life change of a divorce is understandable. At the Pedrick Law Group, we stand by you and provide you with legal representation designed to protect your best interests. 

If you live in Orange County, Irvine, or the surrounding region, and you face a divorce, let us help you. The divorce process is complex and too much is at stake to handle your divorce alone. 

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Every divorce is different and involves varying details specific to your marriage. Friends may try to guide you with advice based upon their experiences. Do not rely on the outcomes of others for the same success with your divorce. 

Hiring a member of our team can ease your mind during your divorce. The end of your marriage is a serious legal matter. The Pedrick Law Group can apply our knowledge of California divorce laws to your case. 

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