Negotiating the Best High Net Worth Divorce Settlement: Important Tips for Protecting Your Future

Negotiating for the best divorce settlement

Divorce is a complex process that involves a variety of emotions. This major life change can cause you to feel anxious about your financial future. Negotiating for the best divorce settlement possible can alleviate some of your stress and help you avoid court. A California family law attorney has the skills necessary when it comes to protecting your best interests. 

Common Factors in High Net Worth Divorces

A net worth divorce is a serious matter. The wealth accumulated throughout the marriage is something neither side wants to lose. The division of assets in this type of divorce typically include such monetary items as:

  • Stocks, bonds, and other investments
  • Business interests
  • Personal property
  • Debt if one spouse has a spending habit

One of the most important common factors in any divorce is that of children. Custody issues can drive emotions of anger and fear. While it may seem impossible, keeping your emotions in check throughout the divorce process is important. A calm approach to negotiating for a custody agreement that works is best for you, your spouse, and especially the children. 

Another important factor is that of a prenuptial agreement. A family law attorney from the Pedrick Law Group can review the agreement and decide how and if it affects the terms of your divorce.

Why a Divorce Settlement is a Brighter Option

A divorce involves many personal issues that you most likely do not want to share publicly. The divorce settlement process serves as a way to avoid a courtroom and a potentially public divorce. Going before a judge who does not know you or your spouse is generally not the best way to pursue a divorce.

A family law attorney with the Pedrick Law Group can negotiate on your behalf with your spouse’s attorney. Communication between the two attorneys regarding the details of your settlement is confidential. 

With the communication strictly between the attorneys, spouses do not have to negotiate with one another. If your divorce is particularly contentious, the settlement process may not serve as the best approach for your divorce. A California family law attorney can determine how to proceed with your high net worth case based upon the information you provide them. 

Children and High Net Worth Divorces

A high net worth divorce involving children can affect their education and overall well-being. Financial protection for their needs, such as medical care and college, is just one factor in most divorces. Other factors that can impact child custody issues include:

  • Child support
  • Payment for the children’s expensive hobbies or interests 
  • Tuition for private school 
  • Payment for an au pair or nanny

Children deal with divorce differently. Behavior issues may arise as your children fear the major changes happening in their lives. Your children may find therapy or counseling helpful. How to pay for such care is another possible component of the negotiation process. 

Issues involving children in high net divorces are important. The love you and your spouse have for your children is no doubt priceless. Protecting their best interests is vital during an emotional divorce. 

While you may feel empathy toward your spouse, it is imperative that you protect your financial future. The assets accumulated throughout the marriage deserve a careful review and a fair settlement. 

Not all divorces end in a courtroom. However, if your high net worth divorce requires going to court, your family law attorney is ready to fight on your behalf. 

The Pedrick Law Group Helps Clients Facing a High Net Worth Divorce

The assets built throughout your marriage are important for your future. Ensuring that you receive a fair settlement is where a member of our team can help you. 

A free case evaluation helps us to learn more about your divorce. The intricate dividing of such assets as a family-owned business, real estate, and investments requires a careful approach. Taking a proactive step toward protecting your financial future is crucial for you and any children you may share with your spouse. 

Your separation may begin amicably yet start to turn hostile and difficult over time. Pursuing a fair settlement of your high net worth assets through the settlement process is a faster and easier way to end your marriage.  If your spouse’s behavior turns from agreeable to reluctant, we can help you. 

The emotional stress of a high net worth divorce can affect every aspect of your daily life. From your health to your ability to concentrate on simple tasks, you can easily feel overwhelmed and anxious. 

Let the Pedrick Law Group Represent You

At the Pedrick Law Group, we represent clients who want to keep their divorce simple and out of a courtroom. We stand listen as they share personal information about their marriage, we never judge, and we use the information to plan our approach. The settlement process sometimes takes time, and we keep our clients informed as to the negotiations progress. 

Skillful negotiation skills are just a part of our experience. We understand California law as it applies to high net worth divorces. You do not have to handle your divorce alone — in fact, and it is not wise to do so. Without a member of our team by your side, you risk agreeing to a settlement that is less than you deserve. 

A free case evaluation leaves you nothing to lose. You will find our team professional, friendly, and caring. The Pedrick Law Group is proud to serve clients in Orange County, California.  Get the help you need to prepare and protect your financial future and that of your children. 

Divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved. At the Pedrick Law Group, we are here for you. We will examine all documents relating to your assets carefully and help you with matters involving child custody. To learn more, contact us today for your free case evaluation. 

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