What custody type ensures my role as parent?

On behalf of Pedrick Law Group, APC posted in child custody on Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

Raising a child is a serious and complicated business, especially for parents managing for the first time. Relationships between adults are also difficult, and the combination of separate parents raising a child can be very daunting indeed. But Californians manage all the time, often with the help of the state’s family courts.

What is the best way to figure out a custody arrangement?

Sometimes, parents who are separating can remain amenable enough to work out a custody arrangement that works best for their children. If they need help getting to this point, a court-ordered child custody mediation may get things on track. These sessions usually last a few hours and can result in an arrangement that a mediator can recommend to the court.

What’s the main difference between sole and joint custody?

Sole custodians have more individual freedom in raising their children, as they can make decisions regarding education and health care, among other vital elements, on their own. They also have more freedom than joint custodians to move away to a different jurisdiction or school district. Joint custodians must agree on changes to most custody arrangements.

Can sole custodians make decisions about visitation and other rights?

Sole custodians cannot change the fundamental arrangement for child custody without the proper method of clearing it with family court. If an issue related to safety appears, a parent may request an emergency court order to prevent danger to a child.

How can a lawyer help?

An attorney can assist parents in custody battles find solutions and avoid long, expensive court battles. No one should have to fight for their rights alone.

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