Child Support

Are You Facing Child Support Issues?

A child’s expenses add up quickly, especially when child care is involved. Child support is often a necessity for parents with primary physical custody of children. Family courts in California award child support using set guidelines, although many factors can play into a court’s final award.

Our experienced family law attorneys understand how important resolving issues of child support and custody can be. We always work to resolve disputes with as little confrontation as possible but are never afraid to be aggressive when necessary to protect the rights of our clients and, just as importantly, their children.

How We Can Help

Child support disputes typically arise in one of three settings: a divorce, a parentage action or a request for modification of an existing court order. Courts use set formulas, which are designed to give children the same overall level of support they would receive if their parents were living together in a single household.

Having an experienced lawyer by your side can help during child support proceedings by making sure a court has the proper information it needs to render a fair decision. This can include:

  • Each spouse’s monthly income
  • Health insurance requirements
  • Child custody and visitation rights
  • Additional financial support from remarriage or cohabitation
  • Significant changes to either spouse’s income
  • Tax deductions for child support

Get A Personal Consultation with An Attorney

Call our firm to ensure that child support obligations are being fairly established in your legal proceeding. We can also represent you if you are seeking to modify or maintain an existing child support order. To speak with an experienced Encino child support attorney regarding your legal needs, send an email, or call 818-528-4936, 661-591-4132 or 805-254-4173.

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