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Military divorces are not so hard once jurisdiction is decided

Two of the most intense forms of serving the United States are being a member of the armed forces and being married to one. Any veteran of the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps can say that life is different when you are dealing with the insecurity of military life or loving someone subject to it.

How are benefits divided for divorcing service members?

Marriage and military careers are often difficult to mix, as the dual demands of a spouse and the service can cause stress and occasional chaos. Children also may suffer the disagreements of spouses who rely on each other for information on a next posting or deal with extended absences. Divorce can often prove just as complicated, including the management of military benefits after the end of a marriage.

Airman continues to serve as a single mother after divorce

A parent serving in the military manages at least two important responsibilities. Children have many formative and emotional needs that only a primary caretaker can provide, and every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces demands the best of their officers and enlisted personnel. These twin honors can be nearly too much for many service members who have a civilian spouse or no spouse at all.

Military divorces may effect eligibility for benefits

Americans know to thank members of the armed forces for their service, while many military spouses do not even get thanked for their support. Marriage to a military officer or serviceman can be a difficult ordeal, with people often feeling they are sharing a loved one with a geopolitical climate out of their control.

3 things every veteran should know about divorce

It's hard enough to juggle the demands of work and family, but military families are often subject to additional stress, too. Between general duty obligations, training and potential deployment, it is no wonder why many service members find themselves considering divorce. There are a few things you should know, however, if you are a veteran or active duty personnel in this situation.

US Supreme Court weighs in on military benefits issue

If you or your ex is in the military and you divorced here in California, chances are that military retirement funds were included in your property division agreement. In accordance with community property laws in this state, you most likely agreed or were ordered to split those funds in half when they took effect. However, the non-military party may not actually receive what was promised.

Why does it matter where I divorce?

Jurisdiction is generally not source of contention in civilian divorces. Spouses typically file where they live. However, when it comes to military divorces, jurisdiction can be much more complicated because couples move around a lot, live separately and can be stationed just about anywhere.

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