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What custody type ensures my role as parent?

Raising a child is a serious and complicated business, especially for parents managing for the first time. Relationships between adults are also difficult, and the combination of separate parents raising a child can be very daunting indeed. But Californians manage all the time, often with the help of the state's family courts.

How do I file for child custody in California?

It's never easy to end a marriage or even consider a separation, but no one has it harder than the children of that marriage. Domestic problems can upend children's routines and cause emotional trauma that can last a long time. Parents who are looking to secure their children's futures and ensure their privileges during a divorce or other custody dispute can use some basic information on California's child custody laws.

Technology to simplify a co-parenting arrangement

Co-parenting with a former spouse brings a whole new set of challenges to a relationship that’s potentially already fraught with negativity and tension. During and after a divorce, co-parents need to focus their time and energy to maintain stability and consistency for their children.

Shared custody could be beneficial but contentious

When individuals are no longer able to get along with their spouses, they may worry about how their children will be raised in separate households. Though divorce may have been the best route for creating more healthy home environments, parents with shared custody will still need to work together in some ways. Of course, it is not unusual for conflict to arise during this type of arrangement.

Custody decisions: Co-parenting may be option worth considering

After making the decision to divorce, many California parents may worry about how their children will handle the situation. They will undoubtedly also worry about how to come to the best custody decisions and how those decisions will impact their kids. In best case scenarios, co-parenting may be an option to consider.

Narcissistic parents can make custody decisions seem impossible

Going through divorce can be tough under any circumstances. Of course, certain details of a particular situation could make the process seem even more daunting. When children are involved, many California parents may want to make the best custody decisions possible and in a timely manner. However, if one parent is a narcissist, it could make the proceedings difficult.

Breaking divorce news, making custody decisions have challenges

Many California parents worry about how their decisions will impact their children. From daily choices regarding discipline and rewards to major live changes such as divorce and custody decisions, it is not unusual for parents to wonder whether they are doing a good job. With divorce in particular, parents may lie awake trying to decide how to tell their kids the news.

Custody decisions may prove difficult for California parents

The decision to divorce has been made, the petition filed and now comes the time to address child custody. Many California residents may dread this part of the divorce process in particular as custody decisions can have serious impacts on the lives of the children and the parents. When circumstances are already difficult at best, finding the right terms may be no easy task.

Custody disputes can escalate into dangerous scenarios

It likely comes as no surprise to most California residents that parents do not always get along. However, some issues could be more serious than others, and even parents who are not married can feel especially combative when it comes to child custody. Unfortunately, some custody disputes can escalate into dangerous situations.

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