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April 2019 Archives

Military divorces are not so hard once jurisdiction is decided

Two of the most intense forms of serving the United States are being a member of the armed forces and being married to one. Any veteran of the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps can say that life is different when you are dealing with the insecurity of military life or loving someone subject to it.

Waiting to divorce may not have the effects people want

Divorce is never an easy subject to approach, even for two adults with mature respect for each other. It is certainly not easier with children. On top of the concrete arrangements for custody and support, communicating the emotional depth of a decision to get a divorce is difficult when communication may not be a married couple's strong suit.

Protecting a business from divorce is a touchy subject

People with a lot of assets in their name may not think of a prenuptial agreement or other protections in the case of divorce. But business owners almost always think of what could happen to their sources of pride and income. Protecting a business from divorce may mean more than personal success. It could matter to employees, vendors and clients alike.

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