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January 2019 Archives

Divorce may be complicated for business owners

Divorce is always a complicated process that is often fraught with emotional problems. Since emotions can lead to poor decision-making when they are not maintained, most people prefer the protection of legal representation while they are dealing with divorce.

How do I file for child custody in California?

It's never easy to end a marriage or even consider a separation, but no one has it harder than the children of that marriage. Domestic problems can upend children's routines and cause emotional trauma that can last a long time. Parents who are looking to secure their children's futures and ensure their privileges during a divorce or other custody dispute can use some basic information on California's child custody laws.

Four common financial mistakes to avoid during a divorce

The divorce process tends to bring out the worst in people. People sometimes become irrationally fixated on spiting their spouse or clinging to assets that may not benefit them. Also, people sometimes overindulge in comforting habits or pursue reinventing themselves without considering the consequences. Whatever reasons motivate it, people going through divorce tend to make several financial mistakes along the way. By examining some of the most common financial mistakes people make, you can set yourself up for success in avoiding them.

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