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November 2018 Archives

California is the most expensive state for divorces

Californians notice when they leave the state that prices can be higher than many other places. Higher taxes support the infrastructure of the Golden State, and many types of transported or imported goods have a premium as well. But one homegrown thing in California is the most expensive type in the country.

Businesses may be seen as marital property in a divorce

Couples get married with two expectations. The first is that they will be together forever. The second is that breaking up would be a very difficult process. Everything must get divided, from shared houses to the custody of children. One matter that may be especially contentious and complicated is sharing a business interest.

Do I need to update my estate plan after divorce?

After the dust settles on your divorce, you may think your ex-spouse is out of your life forever. Unfortunately, you may be mistaken. The judge divided your IRA, but did you change the beneficiary designation on your life insurance policy? You changed the title to the house, but did you choose a new executor of your will?

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