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Technology to simplify a co-parenting arrangement

Co-parenting with a former spouse brings a whole new set of challenges to a relationship that’s potentially already fraught with negativity and tension. During and after a divorce, co-parents need to focus their time and energy to maintain stability and consistency for their children.

To facilitate this level of communication between co-parents, technology can be a useful tool. New websites and apps for your phone exist for the sole purpose of assisting co-parents in maintaining a shared parenting schedule and duties. With the school year starting back up, now may be an ideal time to try out some of these tools for your co-parenting arrangement.

Co-parenting apps and websites

The market for providing co-parenting assistance continues to grow as technology and social media become even more ingrained in a person’s everyday life. A few stand-out options include Our Family Wizard, 2Houses and Cozi.

Each app offers similar features and can vary in relevance and cost effectiveness for each family. Most co-parenting apps utilize a few of the same core features, including:

  • Shared calendars
  • Shopping lists
  • Expense reports
  • Built-in messaging features
  • Appointment and activity reminders

If co-parents struggle with productive communication, these apps and websites can help focus the conversation and prevent outside tension from affecting the parenting needs. If custody and parenting arrangements continue to present difficulty beyond a divorce, at least one app – Our Family Wizard – allows attorneys and family counselors to review activity on the app and contribute to the co-parenting process when necessary.

Other tools co-parents can use

Some co-parents won’t need an app designed specifically for shared parenting. A shared Google calendar is a free feature available to essentially everyone and can be useful for families trying to maintain consistent schedules. Even a shared Amazon account can allow parents to see who purchases what for the child and keep track of shared financial responsibilities.

No matter which tool your family uses, co-parenting arrangements can be rid of contention and strife with the use of new technologies. Take advantage of the many tools available to you and your former spouse to simplify the co-parenting arrangement. These tools can help co-parents focus on the child’s wellbeing instead of the difficulties of shared parental duties.

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