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Lack of closeness in marriage could lead to the divorce process

Intimacy and closeness are a substantial part of relationships. While they are likely not what the entirety of the relationship revolves around, issues can still come about if these areas are lacking in any marriage. It is also possible for a lack of intimacy to indicate additional issues that have California individuals considering the divorce process.

For most people, intimacy is about connection. When individuals no longer connect with their spouses, that feeling of closeness and the attention that was gained from one another may dissipate. Parties may find that they no longer have the emotional support they once had and need, and they may also feel that their relationship no longer brings physical comfort or closeness either. Feeling shut out from a spouse or a mutual shutting out of each other does not signify a healthy relationship.

Shutting each other out may also stem from a general growing apart. Each person having differences does not mean that a relationship will not work, but if both parties do not attempt to explore the other's interests and have shared experiences, they may find that they no longer have anything in common. As a result, they may simply feel as if there is no reason behind resolving conflicts.

When individuals want to end their marriages, knowing how to approach the situation can be difficult. Depending on the amount of animosity between the parties, the divorce process could either be relatively smooth or filled with conflict. If California residents are concerned about starting the necessary legal proceedings associated with ending their marriages, they may wish to speak with experienced attorneys.

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