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July 2018 Archives

Financial literacy may become concern after filing for divorce

Many people, including some in California, lack the financial literacy that could help them in many areas of life. Commonly, when people are married, they allow one spouse to handle the finances while the other has little or nothing to do with expenses. While this arrangement may seem fine for a time, it can be jarring after filing for divorce.

Can you modify a child support agreement later?

During divorce proceedings, one of the most contentious issues that often comes up relates to child support and custody. Both state and federal laws mention that both the father and mother are responsible for the fiscal well-being of any children they share. The law states child support must continue until the child graduates from high school and is at least 18 years old, or when the child turns 19 and either joins the military or marries. 

Prenups may help with property division later on

Before entering into a marriage, it is important to consider a number of different aspects of life and the future. This step includes considering the potential for divorce. It is possible for California residents to prepare for divorce, and property division in particular, before they even get married.

Lack of closeness in marriage could lead to the divorce process

Intimacy and closeness are a substantial part of relationships. While they are likely not what the entirety of the relationship revolves around, issues can still come about if these areas are lacking in any marriage. It is also possible for a lack of intimacy to indicate additional issues that have California individuals considering the divorce process.

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