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How to protect your privacy during divorce proceedings

Divorce proceedings can be long and intensive. The state of California offers numerous resources so that people can become more informed about annulments and spousal support. 

However, one aspect of the process many people overlook is how much privacy they lose. News of the divorce will spread quickly throughout your respective families as well as the businesses you work for and community organizations. Fortunately, there are ways to keep certain matters private.

Stay off social media

You and your spouse can agree to keep matters related to the divorce off social media. Sites such as Facebook can have a negative impact on one's psyche during tumultuous times because you only see how well everyone else is doing in their lives. For the most part, it is best to simply delete these profiles until the proceedings are final. 

Go through mediation

Mediation is a great accompaniment to litigation as it can help the couple sort out through various disagreements before they step foot in a courtroom. These sessions are private, so you can reach amicable solutions beforehand, allowing you and your spouse to go through the court proceedings more quickly. 

Discuss importance of privacy with any children

You want to encourage your children to talk about any feelings they have about the process because they will go through a lot emotionally during this time. However, you also want to make it clear to children that the family's privacy is important. Your kids may not fully understand the value of privacy until you explain it. 

Seal all files

You should speak with your attorney about sealing all files related to the divorce, so there is no risk of them going public. You may have a certain job where you do not want this sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. Your lawyer will file the proper paperwork with the courts that will seal any dirty laundry or financial records. 

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