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The divorce process may mean a change in lifestyle

It is common for individuals in California and across the country to enjoy the manner in which they live. Often, they are able to maintain their particular lifestyles due to the income they and their spouses generate. However, when individuals go through the divorce process, it may be unrealistic to think that the same lifestyle can be upheld post-divorce.

Some parties may have the ability to keep up with a similar lifestyle, but concessions may also need to be made. If the outcomes of the divorce settlement do not allow for the financial comfort of the same lifestyle, individuals could wind up in dire straits if they try to stretch their single income -- even with alimony or child support -- too far. Instead, it may be wiser to focus on creating a new and enjoyable lifestyle.

Of course, when it comes to the kids, parents may feel less willing to compromise. They may want to continue providing their children with everything they had before the divorce took place. Again, this may not be realistic. Parents may feel some sense of guilt that they can no longer give their children things they once could, but ensuring that they have a roof over their heads may be more important than trying to get them the latest sneakers or video games.

It could work in California residents' best interests to think about their lifestyle goals during the divorce process. By having a realistic idea in mind about how they want to live after the marriage ends, they may have a better chance of deciding what they want the terms of their divorce settlement to look like. Having goals could help parties stay focused and know where they may need to compromise.

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