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June 2018 Archives

Filing for divorce? Consider the tax impacts

There are many impacts that divorce can have on anyone's life. For most people, it can feel hopeful to look forward to life as single individuals, but it can feel stressful to consider the financial ramifications of filing for divorce. In particular, taxes could play a major role in how some California residents make decisions during the process.

Is an ex-spouse entitled to your inheritance?

Marriage typically involves both spouses sharing everything. In the event divorce occurs, then both parties will want to know what they can keep and what is up for division. From inheritance to other assets, there are various steps a person can take to prevent these from going to an ex during a divorce. 

Is it a failure to go through the divorce process?

Even when in unhappy relationships, many California residents may put off thinking about ending their marriages. Because a negative stigma still surrounds the divorce process, it is not unusual for people to feel as if they have failed if they choose to dissolve their marriages. However, it may be wiser to still consider this part of life as a success.

The divorce process may mean a change in lifestyle

It is common for individuals in California and across the country to enjoy the manner in which they live. Often, they are able to maintain their particular lifestyles due to the income they and their spouses generate. However, when individuals go through the divorce process, it may be unrealistic to think that the same lifestyle can be upheld post-divorce.

Clear focus may help achieve goals during divorce process

When ending a marriage, the proceedings can be long and difficult. In many cases, difficulties arise from individuals not knowing the goals they want to achieve as a result of the divorce process. They may know that they want to come out with more money or assets than their exes, but they may need to narrow down their specific goals.

The many advantages of mediation

If you and your spouse are contemplating a California divorce, you may have heard about mediation and wondered if it might be right for you. A traditional litigated divorce pits you and your attorney against your spouse and his or her attorney, hurling accusations at each other across a crowded courtroom. Mediation is much quieter, less stressful, takes less time and typically costs between 40-60 percent less than a litigated divorce. In addition, neither you nor your spouse may have to go near a courthouse to obtain a mediated divorce.

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