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Having a relationship agenda could have people filing for divorce

It is important to have goals in life. Setting deadlines for certain achievements can act as useful motivation to reach those goals. However, when it comes to relationships, setting deadlines may not be the best approach. Entering into a marriage with an agenda may prove more harmful than beneficial, and in the end, some California residents could end up filing for divorce.

Most people want to have a companion in life, and that desire is understandable. However, it is often best to let meaningful relationships come about organically. If individuals try to force romantic feelings simply so they can reach their goal of being married by a certain age, they may be setting their relationship up for a rocky future.

Trying to create the perfect relationship in order for it to fit a preconceived idea may also cause individuals to overlook indicators of potential issues. Some people may find themselves willing to ignore annoying or detrimental behaviors in their romantic partners in order to reach their goals. However, this action could lead to difficult realizations later on, or a spouse may even come to find that the other person's intentions and feelings were not as true as once believed.

When relationships simply do not work, it can be difficult to move forward. Of course, some individuals may still marry people who are not right for them. In the end, they may realize that due to their issues, the marriage should not continue. In such cases, California residents facing this type of situation may find it helpful to determine their best courses of action when it comes to filing for divorce.

Source:, "4 Things Every Successful Relationship Needs For Love To Last", Susan Saint-Welch, April 30, 2018

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