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May 2018 Archives

Shared custody could be beneficial but contentious

When individuals are no longer able to get along with their spouses, they may worry about how their children will be raised in separate households. Though divorce may have been the best route for creating more healthy home environments, parents with shared custody will still need to work together in some ways. Of course, it is not unusual for conflict to arise during this type of arrangement.

The divorce process does not have to cost an arm and a leg

Ending a marriage can be a pricey endeavor. Though individuals in California and elsewhere may feel that any price is worth getting out of an unhappy relationship, they do not have to resign themselves to paying an exorbitant amount of money to end the divorce process. There are ways in which people can work to keep their costs lower.

Do unmarried fathers get visitation in Encino divorces?

If you are the father of a child or children living in the San Fernando Valley and you are not married to the mother of your children, you may wonder about your paternal rights. Especially if you are separated from the mother of your child or children, it can be difficult to understand what the law entitles you to as the father.

IRAs may be split during property division process

It is common for retirement accounts to be included as community property during divorce. This information means that it is possible for these accounts to be split during the property division process. When dividing an IRA, California residents may want to pay particular attention to how the funds are transferred.

Emphasis on looks, money could increase divorce chances

Several factors could impact whether a marriage thrives or comes to an end. While most California residents certainly want to think that their future or current marriages will allow them to live happily ever after, they may also have their doubts. Some factors could possibly indicate that a marriage could be more likely to face divorce.

Having a relationship agenda could have people filing for divorce

It is important to have goals in life. Setting deadlines for certain achievements can act as useful motivation to reach those goals. However, when it comes to relationships, setting deadlines may not be the best approach. Entering into a marriage with an agenda may prove more harmful than beneficial, and in the end, some California residents could end up filing for divorce.

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