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April 2018 Archives

Prenups may make dividing property in divorce easier

Getting married can be an exciting and overwhelming time. Of course, dividing property in divorce can also be immensely overwhelming. While some California residents may not think about property division as they prepare for their wedding days, it may be wise to do so. Creating a prenuptial agreement could save much time and trouble in the event of divorce.

Custody decisions: Co-parenting may be option worth considering

After making the decision to divorce, many California parents may worry about how their children will handle the situation. They will undoubtedly also worry about how to come to the best custody decisions and how those decisions will impact their kids. In best case scenarios, co-parenting may be an option to consider.

Individuals facing the divorce process have options for support

Whether a person chooses to end a relationship or is informed by a spouse of the desire to dissolve the marriage, it can still be a substantial life change to come to terms with. This type of change can also cause a person to feel various emotions, and even the person choosing to end the marriage can still feel considerable pain. The feelings associated with the divorce process can easily cause California residents to struggle in many aspects of their lives.

Filing for divorce may relate to Facebook use

Social media acts as a prominent part of many California residents' lives. While it offers many benefits in terms of staying connected with friends and family, it may also lead some people to carry out questionable acts. When the lives of others are easily accessible, it is not unusual for individuals to occasionally check in on former relationship partners. This action may seem innocent at first, but it could end up leading to a spouse filing for divorce.

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