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January 2018 Archives

Unhappiness may have some California residents filing for divorce

Unhappiness can often lead many California residents to re-evaluate certain aspects of their lives. They may consider making substantial changes if they feel that they are stuck in a situation that is contributing to their lack of fulfillment and joy. In some cases, some parties may believe that filing for divorce will help them pursue a more enjoyable life, but they may also wonder if they have reason to leave.

Business owners facing divorce may need to take precautions

As business owners, many California residents likely understand the importance of keeping business affairs in manageable order. Any number of events could throw a wrench in operations that may have otherwise been running smoothly. For business owners facing divorce, taking steps to protect business interests may be worth the time and effort.

Property division process: Should keeping the home be a goal?

Making decisions regarding how a divorcing couple should divvy up their assets can be complex. It is not unusual for individuals to have attachments to certain items and feel the need to negotiate harder for those particular pieces of property. However, California residents may wish to consider how the outcomes of the property division process could impact their futures before staying set on obtaining a certain asset.

Breaking divorce news, making custody decisions have challenges

Many California parents worry about how their decisions will impact their children. From daily choices regarding discipline and rewards to major live changes such as divorce and custody decisions, it is not unusual for parents to wonder whether they are doing a good job. With divorce in particular, parents may lie awake trying to decide how to tell their kids the news.

Georgina Chapman may soon file high-asset divorce petition

After years of marriage, some California couples may choose to end their relationships for personal reasons. If those individuals are considerably wealthy, they may face a high\-asset divorce, which could present complications when it comes to property division, spousal support and other financial aspects of the case. Many parties with a substantial amount of wealth choose to create prenuptial agreements to address these areas prior to getting married.

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