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3 reasons for the increase in gray divorces

The divorce rate remains high in the United States, and a primary demographic responsible for those high numbers is baby boomers. When married couples over the age of 50 divorce, it becomes referred to as "gray divorce." According to data compiled by Reuters, divorce attorneys have seen a 61 percent increase in the number of baby boomers filing for divorce in recent years. 

Divorce is not merely for the young or those who have only been married for a few years. Many couples who have been together for 20, 30 or even 40 years are beginning to call it quits. This may seem odd, but there good reasons why older Californians divorce at higher rates than other demographics. 


When a person reaches 60, he or she may still have a good 20 or 30 years of life left. If the marriage has been on the decline for a while now, then it may seem excruciatingly unappealing to remain with this person for those next 20 years. People become complacent over the years, so some spouses do not want to stick with someone who has become unattentive. 

Growing apart

It does not take a big event, such as an infidelity, for a marriage to end. As the years go on, one or both people may simply grow apart. People change, and people's situations change, too. Both spouses may have entered the marriage with certain jobs, but then they get new jobs that pay differently and come with different responsibilities. All of this impacts a marriage. 


Money is always one of the most contentious issues in a relationship. Over the years, a married couple will need to spend a lot on a new house or children's college tuition. If one spouse does not handle money well, then both end up facing the consequences. Although some couples will be able to work through differences over the years, others will find divorce to be the best route for both parties to take.

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