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Tension could have California couples filing for divorce

Most everyone knows that marriage can be difficult. For some, hard work can allow them to overcome those difficulties and create a more stable relationship. However, others may find themselves filing for divorce when the marital problems become too much and individuals feel that they are too unhappy to remain married.

California residents may find it interesting that tension among married couples plays a significant role in whether a couple may divorce. This information comes from a study that was conducted over the course of 16 years and followed over 350 couples during the courses of their marriages. Apparently, marital tension increased over time, and men felt the increased tension at a greater rate. However, it was usually the women who filed for divorce when their marital tension grew.

In many instances, wives who reported high levels of tension had husbands who reported low levels of tension. As a result, this information may indicate that these men were unaware when their wives are unhappy or that they were unwilling to change to reduce their wives' tension. The study also saw approximately 40 percent of the couples divorce at some point during the 16-year period.

Most couples have fights and face stressors throughout their marriages. If the tensions become too high, couples could end up filing for divorce, as this study shows. If California residents feel that the time has come to end their marriages, they may wish to determine their best avenues for carrying out such an action. Discussing these options with legal professionals could help interested parties make decisions in their own best interests.

Source:, "Differences in feelings of tension contribute to divorce", Morgan Sherburne, Nov. 2, 2017

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