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November 2017 Archives

Proposed tax legislation may impact California divorce process

Many people have concerns about ending their marriages due to the financial impacts it could have. If one person has become financially reliant on the other individual or needs income to maintain a current lifestyle, seeking alimony may be an important part of the divorce process. However, due to recently proposed tax legislation, California residents may have greater concerns regarding this type of support.

Protecting business interests in divorce may be a priority

Having a business can be a point of pride in many California residents' lives. However, when a married business owner faces divorce, many concerns may arise about potentially losing a portion of the business assets during the proceedings. In the best cases, business owners could consider protecting business interests in divorce before the process begins.

Prenups could streamline the California property division process

Whether getting married for the first time or an additional time, asset protection is important. Because no marriage is perfect, the chance that a divorce could occur does exist, and California residents could find themselves facing the property division process. Most people do not want to enter such proceedings with uncertainty, and creating a prenuptial agreement could help.

Custody decisions may impact how California parents interact

Parents often face many difficulties when it comes to working to do the best for their kids. Sometimes, circumstances arise that are unavoidable, and California parents may have to make difficult decisions that could seriously impact their kids. Divorce is a common situation that could have such an effect, and making custody decisions can have its challenges.

Tension could have California couples filing for divorce

Most everyone knows that marriage can be difficult. For some, hard work can allow them to overcome those difficulties and create a more stable relationship. However, others may find themselves filing for divorce when the marital problems become too much and individuals feel that they are too unhappy to remain married.

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