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Medical, legal input may help parents with custody decisions

Knowing how to always meet the needs of a child can be difficult for many California parents. When they go through divorce, they may know that child custody decisions and arrangements can take a toll. As a result, they may attempt to tread carefully through the process, but still, children could face considerable impacts during this time.

One report suggests that, when going through divorce, it may be wise for parents to speak with their kids' pediatricians. Depending on the amount of conflict involved in the divorce and whether the children get caught in the middle, the situation could cause children to suffer physical as well as emotional impacts. If concerned parents speak with the physicians, they may better understand how to approach the situation from that angle.

The age at which the divorce takes place could impact how the children are affected. However, it was noted that potty training issues, separation anxiety, sleep and concentration problems, stomach issues and other negative outcomes are not entirely uncommon. Therefore, parents may want to do their best to handle their divorce and child custody proceedings positively to potentially avoid negative impacts on their kids.

The manner in which parents handle their divorce proceedings can play a significant role in how children are affected. Because of the serious impacts this type of situation could have, California parents may want to find out information regarding their options for custody decisions and how to best approach their legal proceedings. Speaking with knowledgeable family law attorneys could help concerned parents gain reliable information and support throughout the process.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Getting a Divorce? Considering it? Tell a Pediatrician.", Oct. 6, 2017

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