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October 2017 Archives

Certain factors could increase chances of filing for divorce

Many factors can contribute to how well individuals get along. When couples find themselves beginning to wonder whether they have what it takes for the long haul, they may also begin to assess their relationships to determine what factors may be making their marriages more difficult. In some cases, certain aspects could put individuals at higher risk of filing for divorce.

Does education predict filing for divorce?

Every marriage is different, and every breakup likely has its unique causes. The trauma and emotional upheaval of a marriage is often damaging. Because of this, psychologists and sociologists continue to examine filing for divorce as a phenomenon, seeking root causes and ways to potentially prevent marriage breakups. California couples may be interested in one university professor's theories about marriage.

Medical, legal input may help parents with custody decisions

Knowing how to always meet the needs of a child can be difficult for many California parents. When they go through divorce, they may know that child custody decisions and arrangements can take a toll. As a result, they may attempt to tread carefully through the process, but still, children could face considerable impacts during this time.

Stonewalling may have California spouses filing for divorce

Most people want to do their best to keep their relationships on track. However, even when best efforts are put forward, some individuals may still find themselves filing for divorce. Because relationships require give and take from both sides, if one party has a tendency to stall communication, it is not unlikely for the marriage to come to an end.

Can I visit my former stepchild?

Blended families are the norm these days in California, and they can make for some complicated situations. If you are going through a divorce, one thing you may wonder is whether you can get access to your stepchild once you are divorced.

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