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Shared custody may be positive arrangement for California kids

Focusing on their children is often many California parents' main priority. This priority may come even more into focus when those parents go through divorce. In some cases, because the event is particularly contentious, one parent may think it best to keep the kids from their other parent. However, vying for sole custody rather than shared custody could potentially have the opposite effect.

Recent studies indicate that the most positive custody arrangements for young children is joint custody between both parents. The study apparently showed that children of preschool age who are in this type of custody arrangement tend to show fewer negative psychological symptoms than children who only live with one parent or spend the majority of their time with only one parent. The study involved thousands of children in various custody arrangements.

The outcomes of the study apparently show that having an active relationship with each parent allows children to feel less stress. Because parents would share a nearly equal amount of time with the kids, they can each have time to actively parent. As a result, they could create strong bonds with their children.

Though this type of arrangement may be the most ideal, it may not suit every case due to extenuating circumstances. If possible, California parents may wish to consider shared custody arrangements, but they will also certainly want to determine whether other options may be more suited to their children's needs. Speaking with knowledgeable family law attorneys could help concerned parents learn more about their possible options and how their specific circumstances may affect their choices.

Source:, "Research Says This Is The Best Child Custody Agreement For Divorced Parents, Although It May Be Easier Said Than Done", Korey Lane, Sept. 7, 2017

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