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Why false domestic violence accusations arise during divorce

Even the most amicable of divorces are rarely “pretty,” as both spouses are likely working through grief and the fact that their lives are changing. However, quite a few divorces are not amicable, and in fact, have the potential to turn ugly.

One way in which this ugliness can occur is through false accusations of domestic violence. Here is a look at two reasons why divorce can bring out such accusations.

Child custody

Your spouse may not be dealing well with the prospect of having your children live with him or her only half of the time. Maybe you are not coping well, either. In any case, alleging domestic violence is one tactic a spouse may use to fight for full custody of the children.

One big problem is that some allegations of domestic violence are, in fact, true. So, you may be faced with having to prove a negative. For example, how do you prove you never did harm your spouse and/or children? In some situations, one party alleges domestic violence and the other party returns with its share of allegations.


Spouses may have many reasons to want to seek revenge. Perhaps one spouse feels slighted her or his ex started dating so soon after the couple decided to divorce. Maybe one spouse resents the fact that the ex pressured him or her to stay at home with the kids and the ex is now, unfairly, fighting spousal support tooth and nail.

So, accusations of domestic violence seem like a quick, easy and effective way to punish a spouse. Even one spouse who says he or she feels threatened may be able to get a temporary protection order. There need not be any allegations of actual abuse.

If you are facing false domestic violence accusations, it is important to move quickly. You need an attorney, if you do not already have one, and the two of you will work together to assess the evidence and come up with proof to the contrary. Gathering witnesses and examining why your spouse has a motivation to lie are also part of the process.

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