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5 mistakes of 'celebrity divorces' you can avoid

It seems like every week, a high-profile couple in Hollywood announces a divorce. Most recently, actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced that they were legally separating after eight years of marriage. Since then, news outlets and tabloids have released countless articles and columns about what their split means, what is at stake and why people think they are ending their marriage.

In the wake of these announcements, we are often inundated with these types of details and speculations regarding the split. It happens so often that it can feel like every divorce is like that. However, your divorce doesn't have to be as messy, sensational or public as these divorces. Below are five ways you can keep yourself -- and your divorce -- out of the spotlight.

  1. Stay off social media. Talking about the details of your divorce on Facebook, posting pictures with a new partner on Snapchat or getting obsessed with your ex's Instagram are all ways to invite drama into an already difficult situation. 
  2. Opt for mediation over litigation. Going to court can make private information public, and it can make a divorce even more contentious. Instead, work to resolve divorce issues out of court and as peacefully as possible.
  3. Try to respect your ex. Trash talking an ex, falsely accusing him or her of abuse or trying to take his or her kids away without reason can increase the conflict and legal issues involved in your split, making the situation seem theatrical.
  4. Focus on controlling your emotions. Divorce is an incredibly emotional process; however, letting your emotions take control can lead to outbursts and impulsive actions that have long-term consequences.
  5. Comply with court orders. If you violate temporary custody, support or restraining orders during a divorce, then you can create controversy and legal clashes that would not exist otherwise.

Even if you aren't a rich, famous celebrity, it can be very uncomfortable when your divorce becomes the center of other people's conversations and speculations. Avoiding these mistakes can alleviate some of the stress and drama of your split and help you maintain some privacy during a difficult time.

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