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Dealing with the digital details of divorce

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It allows people to stay connected and access endless sources of information. Technology can also make things harder. It can make people feel overwhelmed and overexposed. This can be particularly true when a person is going through a divorce.

There are three main areas where technology and divorce combine. Below we examine these areas and how you can navigate them more easily when you are divorcing.

Social media

Social media can feel like a warzone for people going through divorce. Everything you and your spouse do online can be grounds for a massive legal fight, from posting pictures of new purchases to tagging new partners in status updates. And even if a person thinks their social media conduct is private, it can become public quite easily.

With this in mind, you should exercise caution online when you are going through a divorce. Imagine that everything you post, comment, share and "like" will appear on the desk of a judge and act accordingly.

Digital assets and accounts

Your digital assets and accounts can have a significant impact on your divorce. For instance, are things like bitcoins, profits from an online business and libraries of music, movies and books included in your list of marital assets? If they are (or should be), then they will be eligible for distribution.

Any shared accounts you have online can also affect your divorce. If one person does not have access to certain bank accounts, he or she can be at a serious disadvantage. If you have access to each others' email or social accounts, one person could abuse this access. Avoid problems by changing personal passwords and discussing access to financial accounts with an attorney.

Apps and tech tools

Thankfully, there are numerous digital solutions that make life easier for people divorcing. Software can help people design parenting schedules; banking apps can track custody and spousal support payments; messaging apps can record text exchanges and assess the tone of a message to prevent contentious conversations. Discuss these and other technological solutions during mediation or meetings with your attorney.

Technology can be double-edged sword when you are going through a divorce. However, when you know how to use it positively, and choose to do so, you can make this difficult process a little easier.

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