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April 2017 Archives

4 elements that can make it easier to work with an ex-spouse

Did you know that roughly 3.7 million businesses were operated by husbands and wives in 2007? For these millions of people, the line between business and personal life is razor thin, if not non-existent. This can create quite a big problem if a husband and wife decide to divorce.

Navigating the period between divorcing and divorced

There are many surprises people learn when they go through a divorce, as people typically have never gone through this process before. For instance, people are often surprised to learn that there is a lot more "down time" than they expected. It isn't non-stop fighting and courtroom appearances. In fact, the process can stretch on through months or even years if the people involved let it.

The financial consequences of divorcing as a senior man

Divorce is not just for the young and inexperienced. You may have been with your wife for decades yet want to legally end the marriage for a variety of reasons. Although divorce among seniors (gray divorce) is a growing and socially acceptable trend, it does not come without consequences. This stage of life brings its own unique divorce challenges, especially when it comes to your finances. Awareness and preparation can help lessen the effects.

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