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Is your spouse hiding marital assets?

Splitting assets in a divorce is not always an easy thing. It does not matter how financially affluent a couple is; there may be circumstances that make it possible for one spouse to receive more than what their soon-to-be ex-spouse deems fair. Some spouses in Los Angeles County hide their assets so they do not have to share them with their former partners, and when they do not want their partners involved or knowledgeable about their finances, they tend to be secretive about them. If you are in the midst of filing for divorce, you may want to take some time to learn if your spouse is hiding marital assets and property.

Make a list of all assets that you and your former partner own. Be sure to specify ownership of everything. You may want to ask your ex-spouse to be forthcoming about this information and provide you with documentation on any assets he or she owns. If he or she provides it to you, make copies. If your ex does not provide you with this information, you may need to resort to using professional help to get it.

Signs of hidden assets

There are some clues you can keep an eye out for that may indicate that your spouse is not being truthful about his or her assets. If your ex-significant other lives beyond the means that he or she listed in the divorce documents, has suddenly acquired new items, made some recent investments in his or her business or home, or overpays the IRS, these are signs that he or she may be gearing up to hold onto money that you may be entitled to receive a portion of.

Weird and unexplainable financial activities, like a sudden decrease in income, hoarding cash, restricting access to accounts, a sudden interest in establishing accounts for your children and loaning family members money, can also indicate that your ex-partner has assets that he or she does not want you to know about.

Financial deception is an unfair game that some spouses play. It is unlawful, intentionally misleading and can have a significant impact on the financial security of their ex-partners and kids. As long as you remain astute about the circumstances and willing to investigate your ex-spouse's financial affairs thoroughly, you may be able to keep him or her from getting away with it.

If you are contemplating divorce or currently involved in a lengthy battle where you suspect that your ex-spouse is hiding money and assets from you and the courts, you may want to consider discussing your situation with an attorney to learn more about your options.

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