Same-Sex Marriage & Divorce

For more than 20 years, I have dedicated my legal practice to looking closely at the specific, individual legal needs of each one of my clients. This involves identifying potential solutions to their legal matter through a comprehensive understanding of their unique circumstances, gained by focusing on how they have come to require my services.

The LGBT community has been at the center of a sea change within family law, with advancements in marriage equality and increased legal recognition of their families. As the law has evolved, I have been dedicated to helping LGBT individuals, couples and families make sense of a complex, often confusing legal landscape. With recent court victories allowing same-sex marriage to resume in California, LGBT families will need experienced legal guidance more than ever. I am dedicated to helping individuals navigate this new legal terrain.

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LGBT Family Law Attorney | Representing Clients In The San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley And Ventura County

As many LGBT couples contemplate marriage for the first time, my firm provides general legal counsel to individuals who are confronting issues regarding financial and legal protections. I can advise my clients regarding their estate planning needs, and help those entering into marriage plan smartly by considering premarital or postmarital agreements.

I also provide a full range of traditional family law services, including divorce and legal separation, to meet the needs of my clients. I handle these cases with sensitivity and understanding, but also with an assertive approach to ensure that my clients' most vital interests are protected in any legal proceeding. Clients who invest in the services of a lawyer deserve nothing less.

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