Many people believe that paternity claims — known as parentage actions in California — only or primarily concern a father's rights and obligations to a child. In reality, these proceedings are essential to ensure that both mothers and fathers enjoy protected rights with respect to their children — and to make sure that a child's well-being is never jeopardized.

Although parentage actions can result in bitter disagreement, our firm aims to resolve these matters in the hope of maintaining amicable relationships between the parents - both for themselves and their children. We want to do what is best for children in these situations, but we also work diligently to help preserve our clients' essential parental rights as well as the needs of the evolving extended family.

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A parentage action is required when unmarried parents wish to establish each other's rights to custody and visitation of a child, as well as the resulting obligations to pay support. A judicial determination of parentage is required to establish a right to custody, visitation and support.

The attorneys at the Pedrick Law Group, APC are effective advocates  for both mothers' rights and fathers' rights, and have had equal success representing both sides in these delicate matters. We believe it is important to preserve positive relationships between the parents whenever possible, but we also take seriously our role as advocate on behalf of our clients and their children.

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