Modifications Of Court Orders

Following a divorce or separation, your or your former spouse's circumstances can change considerably. When there is an existing court order for spousal support or child support, it may be necessary to reconsider the order to reflect changed circumstances.

These situations often have the potential to reopen old wounds and revisit hostilities that were present during the divorce process. With the right lawyer, however, requesting modification of an existing support order — or asking the court to leave a prior order in place — can be approached pragmatically and with the goal of doing what is in the best interests of all parties. This is especially true in cases where one parent is seeking to modify a child support order.

The attorneys at the Pedrick Law Group, APC, provide legal counsel to clients before, during and after a divorce or separation. We understand that once a divorce has been finalized, few people wish to go through the process of relitigating a court order. However, when our clients' interests are at stake, we do everything possible to make sure they are paying - or receiving - support that is fair and reasonable under the circumstances.

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Courts in California have discretion to grant or deny a request to modify an existing support order. They are most likely to grant a modification to a party requesting a decrease in the amount he or she pays when there has been a significant, involuntary reduction in his or her income. This most frequently occurs when someone loses a job or takes an involuntary pay cut. Courts tend to look less favorably on voluntary changes, such as when one party decides to change positions for much lower pay. No matter the circumstances, we will help you assert and protect your interests; and when child support is involved, the interests of your children as well.

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