Legal Separation

Divorce is never a one-size-fits-all process. In California, in fact, it is possible to resolve many of the issues typically at dispute in a divorce — and secure many of the same rights as well — without having to go through the formal, legal divorce process.

I am attorney Gregory J. Pedrick, and I counsel my family law clients regarding the varied options for securing their rights in the face of marital uncertainty. Those who are weighing their options find that I counsel them regarding the advantages and disadvantages of formal divorce and legal separation. When individuals have already researched their options and concluded that legal separation is right for them, I guide them through every step of the process.

While separating from your spouse is never easy, I strive to make the legal aspects of any proceeding straightforward and empowering. Call 818-528-4936 or 661-591-4132 for a confidential consultation with a lawyer.

Medical Insurance And Divorce | When Legal Separation May Be Advantageous To You Or Your Spouse

Some clients pursue legal separation instead of a divorce when there has been marital infidelity or financial trouble, but the spouses remain unsure whether they want to formally divorce. In certain cases, individuals who wish to separate must abide by religious obligations forbidding divorce.

In most cases, however, spouses use legal separation strategically, typically in order to preserve important health or other benefits for one of the spouses. Depending on your specific legal needs — and the nature of your relationship with your spouse — you may find that a legal separation can protect both parties' (or spouses') legal interests. If this is the case, I can help you with every stage of a legal separation filing.

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