An Attorney Protecting Your Interests At A Difficult Time

The multitude of legal issues that accompany a divorce can seem overwhelming. During the marriage, assets and property were acquired. You may have started a family together. Now it feels like it is falling apart beyond your control.

It doesn't have to feel that way. At the Pedrick Law Group, APC. in Encino, California, my practice is based on a sensitive and understanding approach to family law issues. Contact me for an initial consultation.

The Divorce Process

Filing a petition for dissolution is the beginning of a lawsuit. It can be the beginning of an adversarial proceeding or an amicable one. I can help you search for a resolution that keeps the bigger picture in mind. Oftentimes, that means the solution is found through communication with the other party, compromise and an agreement outside of litigation.

If going to court is the best option for the circumstances of your unique case, my background in litigation and appeals will protect your interests through each phase of the trial. I will guide you through the process, preparing you for what to expect and working to see that you get the best possible result.

Property Division

In terms of property, a mutual agreement on division will likely mean a quick resolution. California is a community property state. Community property is the property and debt acquired during marriage. It is usually in the divorcing couple's best interest to determine the division of assets themselves. If the parties do not reach an agreement, a drawn-out proceeding will likely result where the court may order a sale of the assets and the parties will divide proceeds.

Divorce Attorney | Handling All Aspects Of Divorce In California

I focus my practice on divorce and its accompanying issues. I can be an effective advocate for you without destroying your family. Contact me to see how I can help you. My office is located in Encino and is open 9 a.m. — 5 p.m., Monday - Friday; evenings and weekends by appointment. I also take appointments in Santa Clarita upon request. Flexible payment options are available.