Helping Family-Owned Businesses In The San Fernando And Santa Clarita Valleys

Did you and your spouse start a business together? Or did you marry someone who already owned a business? Upon divorce, who gets to keep the business and its profits? Whether protecting the family-owned business or seeing that you get a fair share of it, my background in business will help.

At the Pedrick Law Group, APC., I am an experienced business valuation lawyer in Encino, California. A divorce proceeding may affect a family-owned business regardless of when the business was started. As hard as it was to start the business, dividing it may be even harder. Contact me and I can answer your family business valuation questions.

Was The Business Started In The Course Of The Marriage?

  • In California, absent any prior agreement, the court may sell the business and divide the profits equally. You need to consider whether the business is worth selling.
  • I have started and operated three successful businesses. I can sit with you to discuss your options.

Did You Marry Someone With An Existing Business?

  • In California, the business might not be split upon divorce. The spouse can get a piece of the business based on the length of the marriage.
  • I can help you plan for a way to protect the business in the event of a divorce. The sooner you have a plan in place, the better.

Protect your business and any interest that you have in it. Contact me at my office in Encino, California. My office is open 9 a.m. — 5 p.m., Monday - Friday; evenings and weekends by appointment. I also take appointments in Santa Clarita upon request. Flexible payment options are available.