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Protecting business interests in divorce may be a priority

Having a business can be a point of pride in many California residents' lives. However, when a married business owner faces divorce, many concerns may arise about potentially losing a portion of the business assets during the proceedings. In the best cases, business owners could consider protecting business interests in divorce before the process begins.

The various elements of a business affected by divorce

Family businesses play a massive role in the U.S. economy, and millions of people across the country have a stake in the opening, operation and closing of these businesses. This includes employees, partners and clients that can span generations.

Protect your business from divorce before you get married

Recently, a report was released stating that millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation in history based on the high number of people born between 1980 and 2000 with aspirations to start their own company. In fact, nearly one-third of them already have, according to the report.

4 elements that can make it easier to work with an ex-spouse

Did you know that roughly 3.7 million businesses were operated by husbands and wives in 2007? For these millions of people, the line between business and personal life is razor thin, if not non-existent. This can create quite a big problem if a husband and wife decide to divorce.

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