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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Preparation may prevent conflict during divorce process

When faced with the end of a marriage, many California residents may want to take a mature approach to their legal proceedings. They may hope to get through their divorce process with as little unnecessary conflict as possible, but if they are married to individuals with high-conflict personalities, anticipation of difficulties may be beneficial. By expecting disputes, some parties may be better able to prepare.

Author's spouse filed for divorce; petition uncontested

The way in which the topic of ending a marriage is broached can take many forms. Some couples may mutually agree to end the relationship, or one party may find out that his or her spouse filed for divorce. Whatever the case may be, the emotions involved with the process can often play a role in how the case moves forward.

5 mistakes of 'celebrity divorces' you can avoid

It seems like every week, a high-profile couple in Hollywood announces a divorce. Most recently, actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced that they were legally separating after eight years of marriage. Since then, news outlets and tabloids have released countless articles and columns about what their split means, what is at stake and why people think they are ending their marriage.

California couple enters divorce process after husband's arrest

Marriages in California and elsewhere can end for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, the reason can be related to criminal accusations against one of the spouses. This is what has happened to one local couple, and the wife has now entered the divorce process.

Navigating the period between divorcing and divorced

There are many surprises people learn when they go through a divorce, as people typically have never gone through this process before. For instance, people are often surprised to learn that there is a lot more "down time" than they expected. It isn't non-stop fighting and courtroom appearances. In fact, the process can stretch on through months or even years if the people involved let it.

Is your spouse hiding marital assets?

Splitting assets in a divorce is not always an easy thing. It does not matter how financially affluent a couple is; there may be circumstances that make it possible for one spouse to receive more than what their soon-to-be ex-spouse deems fair. Some spouses in Los Angeles County hide their assets so they do not have to share them with their former partners, and when they do not want their partners involved or knowledgeable about their finances, they tend to be secretive about them. If you are in the midst of filing for divorce, you may want to take some time to learn if your spouse is hiding marital assets and property.