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Tension could have California couples filing for divorce

Most everyone knows that marriage can be difficult. For some, hard work can allow them to overcome those difficulties and create a more stable relationship. However, others may find themselves filing for divorce when the marital problems become too much and individuals feel that they are too unhappy to remain married.

Certain factors could increase chances of filing for divorce

Many factors can contribute to how well individuals get along. When couples find themselves beginning to wonder whether they have what it takes for the long haul, they may also begin to assess their relationships to determine what factors may be making their marriages more difficult. In some cases, certain aspects could put individuals at higher risk of filing for divorce.

Does education predict filing for divorce?

Every marriage is different, and every breakup likely has its unique causes. The trauma and emotional upheaval of a marriage is often damaging. Because of this, psychologists and sociologists continue to examine filing for divorce as a phenomenon, seeking root causes and ways to potentially prevent marriage breakups. California couples may be interested in one university professor's theories about marriage.

Stonewalling may have California spouses filing for divorce

Most people want to do their best to keep their relationships on track. However, even when best efforts are put forward, some individuals may still find themselves filing for divorce. Because relationships require give and take from both sides, if one party has a tendency to stall communication, it is not unlikely for the marriage to come to an end.

Request for anonymity denied in Weiner, Abedin divorce process

Divorce is often a trying time for many California residents. Many decisions will need to be made, and for those with high-profile lives, many personal details may soon become public knowledge. As a result, it is not unusual for individuals to want to keep their divorce process as private as possible. Unfortunately, that desire does not always get met.

3 things every veteran should know about divorce

It's hard enough to juggle the demands of work and family, but military families are often subject to additional stress, too. Between general duty obligations, training and potential deployment, it is no wonder why many service members find themselves considering divorce. There are a few things you should know, however, if you are a veteran or active duty personnel in this situation.

Preparation may prevent conflict during divorce process

When faced with the end of a marriage, many California residents may want to take a mature approach to their legal proceedings. They may hope to get through their divorce process with as little unnecessary conflict as possible, but if they are married to individuals with high-conflict personalities, anticipation of difficulties may be beneficial. By expecting disputes, some parties may be better able to prepare.

Author's spouse filed for divorce; petition uncontested

The way in which the topic of ending a marriage is broached can take many forms. Some couples may mutually agree to end the relationship, or one party may find out that his or her spouse filed for divorce. Whatever the case may be, the emotions involved with the process can often play a role in how the case moves forward.

5 mistakes of 'celebrity divorces' you can avoid

It seems like every week, a high-profile couple in Hollywood announces a divorce. Most recently, actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced that they were legally separating after eight years of marriage. Since then, news outlets and tabloids have released countless articles and columns about what their split means, what is at stake and why people think they are ending their marriage.

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