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Shared custody may be positive arrangement for California kids

Focusing on their children is often many California parents' main priority. This priority may come even more into focus when those parents go through divorce. In some cases, because the event is particularly contentious, one parent may think it best to keep the kids from their other parent. However, vying for sole custody rather than shared custody could potentially have the opposite effect.

Custody decisions: Divorce, life lessons may go hand in hand

When getting divorced, many California parents may think they are setting a bad example for their children. However, the opposite notion may actually be true, as this type of situation could act as a time for positive life lessons. Though custody decisions can bring a great deal of change into children's lives, parents could work to use those changes to gain certain skills.

Williams, Drake-Lee facing custody disputes

Many parents often love their children more than anything or anyone else. Because of this love, California parents may feel particularly protective and possessive of their kids when it comes to making child custody decisions during divorce. If one parent believes that the other is not acting in an appropriate parental manner, custody disputes could arise.

Know your legal options if you want to move away

We are a mobile society, and moving is a part of many people's lives, whether it is for business or pleasure. While it can already be a stressful situation, moving can become far more complicated if you share custody or have primary custody of your kids. Under these circumstances, you will need to secure the permission of California courts before you move.

How limits on communication protect your parenting time

While most people can remember a time before everyone had a cellphone or computer within arm's reach, our children are growing up in an environment of seemingly endless accessibility. They know they can call, text, email, message, or follow almost anyone almost any time.

Nesting after divorce: What it is, when it can work

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is uprooting the kids and having them go between Mom and Dad. Regardless of whether you keep or sell the house you all lived in together before the divorce, your kids can struggle to feel like they have a stable place to call home when they are switching back and forth.

I don’t like our custody arrangement: Can I change it?

Depending on when parents divorce or split up, they can spend years or decades raising a child together, but separately. In many cases, parents deal with everything from teething and potty training to braces and college applications in the context of shared parenting.

Why unmarried fathers should establish paternity

There are many reasons you may want to establish paternity of a child. Among the most important is it can have positive effects on the overall well-being and identity of your child to know his or her family background and genetic history. Additionally, establishing paternitygrants your child the following benefits, to which, unless you are married to the child's mother, he or she would otherwise not be entitled: