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Can I visit my former stepchild?

Blended families are the norm these days in California, and they can make for some complicated situations. If you are going through a divorce, one thing you may wonder is whether you can get access to your stepchild once you are divorced.

3 common social media mistakes to avoid during your divorce

Divorce is a complicated and frustrating process. Discussing your struggles and emotions with people you trust is one way to help you through this hard time. But confiding in close friends over dinner and sharing details with hundreds of acquaintances via social media are two different things.

The financial consequences of divorcing as a senior man

Divorce is not just for the young and inexperienced. You may have been with your wife for decades yet want to legally end the marriage for a variety of reasons. Although divorce among seniors (gray divorce) is a growing and socially acceptable trend, it does not come without consequences. This stage of life brings its own unique divorce challenges, especially when it comes to your finances. Awareness and preparation can help lessen the effects.

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