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December 2017 Archives

Simple relaxation may prove useful during the divorce process

Stress plagues the majority of California residents in various ways. When going through the divorce process, stress may become an all-too-frequent visitor. Becoming too stressed can often cause additional tension, put individuals on edge and may cause them to make hasty decisions. Of course, choices that are not thought through can have detrimental effects on divorce outcomes.

Custody disputes can escalate into dangerous scenarios

It likely comes as no surprise to most California residents that parents do not always get along. However, some issues could be more serious than others, and even parents who are not married can feel especially combative when it comes to child custody. Unfortunately, some custody disputes can escalate into dangerous situations.

Divorce and your retirement accounts

It feels good to know you have a solid plan for retirement. At your job, you have taken advantage of every opportunity to contribute to the accounts and other options the company has provided you, and when you leave, you and your spouse will be well off in your golden years.

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