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Preparation may prevent conflict during divorce process

When faced with the end of a marriage, many California residents may want to take a mature approach to their legal proceedings. They may hope to get through their divorce process with as little unnecessary conflict as possible, but if they are married to individuals with high-conflict personalities, anticipation of difficulties may be beneficial. By expecting disputes, some parties may be better able to prepare.

Because high-conflict personalities can often lead to arguments rather than discussions, keeping communications to written forms may be prudent. By having records of emails, texts or other written contact, individuals can have evidence for the court if necessary. Additionally, parties who typically try to create drama may more thoroughly think about what they say if they know records will be left behind.

Shared custody may be positive arrangement for California kids

Focusing on their children is often many California parents' main priority. This priority may come even more into focus when those parents go through divorce. In some cases, because the event is particularly contentious, one parent may think it best to keep the kids from their other parent. However, vying for sole custody rather than shared custody could potentially have the opposite effect.

Recent studies indicate that the most positive custody arrangements for young children is joint custody between both parents. The study apparently showed that children of preschool age who are in this type of custody arrangement tend to show fewer negative psychological symptoms than children who only live with one parent or spend the majority of their time with only one parent. The study involved thousands of children in various custody arrangements.

Author's spouse filed for divorce; petition uncontested

The way in which the topic of ending a marriage is broached can take many forms. Some couples may mutually agree to end the relationship, or one party may find out that his or her spouse filed for divorce. Whatever the case may be, the emotions involved with the process can often play a role in how the case moves forward.

For many California residents, keeping emotions in check may be a wise choice. One couple in another state may be hoping to take that route in order to remain as amicable as possible throughout the divorce process. Reports indicated that the author of a book series that depicts her financial life, its impacts on her personal life and vice versa is heading for divorce. Though she stated in her books that the economic crisis of 2008 helped strengthen her marriage, that strength seems to have wavered.

Custody decisions: Divorce, life lessons may go hand in hand

When getting divorced, many California parents may think they are setting a bad example for their children. However, the opposite notion may actually be true, as this type of situation could act as a time for positive life lessons. Though custody decisions can bring a great deal of change into children's lives, parents could work to use those changes to gain certain skills.

Children whose parents go through divorce may learn to have a more particular view on relationships. Because their parents' marriage came to an end, when it comes to their own relationships, they may choose to explore their feelings and the affections of others more deeply before fully committing themselves. Taking this extra time may help them ensure that they have found individuals worthy of their love.

Williams, Drake-Lee facing custody disputes

Many parents often love their children more than anything or anyone else. Because of this love, California parents may feel particularly protective and possessive of their kids when it comes to making child custody decisions during divorce. If one parent believes that the other is not acting in an appropriate parental manner, custody disputes could arise.

It was recently reported that actor Jesse Williams and his soon-to-be ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee are facing such custody issues. Apparently, Drake-Lee has some serious concerns when it comes to her ex's parenting. She suspects that Williams has brought multiple women into their children's lives already, though the couple only announced their separation in April. She also stated that Williams has anger issues that could put their children at risk.

California property division process: What about the mortgage?

Owning a home is a goal that many California residents have. In many cases, individuals purchase a home with their spouses soon after or even before marriage. When this occurs, typically both parties have an obligation to ensure that the mortgage loan on their home is paid. If the home is left to one person as part of the property division process in the event of divorce, who is liable for the mortgage?

It is not unusual for people to think that because they have relinquished ownership of the home during divorce, they are no longer liable for the mortgage. However, the mortgage lender could still come after both parties if the loan is in both names and has not been changed to remove one party from the note. This means that even if someone no longer lives in the home, he or she may still have mortgage obligations.

5 mistakes of 'celebrity divorces' you can avoid

It seems like every week, a high-profile couple in Hollywood announces a divorce. Most recently, actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced that they were legally separating after eight years of marriage. Since then, news outlets and tabloids have released countless articles and columns about what their split means, what is at stake and why people think they are ending their marriage.

In the wake of these announcements, we are often inundated with these types of details and speculations regarding the split. It happens so often that it can feel like every divorce is like that. However, your divorce doesn't have to be as messy, sensational or public as these divorces. Below are five ways you can keep yourself -- and your divorce -- out of the spotlight.

Why false domestic violence accusations arise during divorce

Even the most amicable of divorces are rarely “pretty,” as both spouses are likely working through grief and the fact that their lives are changing. However, quite a few divorces are not amicable, and in fact, have the potential to turn ugly.

One way in which this ugliness can occur is through false accusations of domestic violence. Here is a look at two reasons why divorce can bring out such accusations.

Know your legal options if you want to move away

We are a mobile society, and moving is a part of many people's lives, whether it is for business or pleasure. While it can already be a stressful situation, moving can become far more complicated if you share custody or have primary custody of your kids. Under these circumstances, you will need to secure the permission of California courts before you move.

Depending on how far your move will take you, you could have some very big decisions to make. 

Postponing divorce for the benefit of benefits?

A marriage headed toward divorce is a lot like politics. Talks over any subject can become combative; people think more about winning than doing what is in their best interests; the relationship may need the courts to step in and resolve conflicts.

Additionally, a recent report notes that politics and divorce are tied together in yet another way: concerns over health care coverage. According to this article, there are people postponing divorces for fear of losing their health care benefits.