Helping Blended Families With Legal Concerns

As adults enter into new relationships, the impact of these relationships on their children has several aspects, including varied legal consequences. Sorting out the obligations of parents and stepparents to children can be complex.

I take a practical, pragmatic approach to the family law implications of blended families. Contact me to speak to an attorney who can explain your rights and obligations and help you explore options to achieve your goals. I offer an initial consultation at my offices in Encino and the Santa Clarita Valley.

Modifying Custody And Support Under New Circumstances

If you have children and have gone through a divorce or paternity suit in the past, your child related financial and custodial responsibilities — and those of the other parent — are likely governed by child custody and child support orders.

If you or your spouse has started a blended family through remarriage or other circumstances, it may be an appropriate time to explore modification of child custody arrangements and/or child support obligations.

Balancing your responsibilities toward your children from a previous relationship, children from your current relationship, and stepchildren, may require the help of an experienced lawyer. I can help you understand your options and the impact of your blended family on any existing arrangements that are in place.

Understanding Your Rights As A Stepparent

If your current spouse or domestic partner has primary physical custody of a child from a previous relationship, it is likely that you have developed a close, caring relationship with him or her. You may be wondering how the law approaches your relationship with your stepchild. What happens if your spouse or partner dies, or your relationship breaks up?

You may want to address these issues now by looking into your options, up to and including stepparent adoption. I can help you understand what your rights are now and what you may be able to do to establish parental or custody rights. Contact me for help with any and all blended family issues.