Your Advocate In Estate Litigation

Are you the administrator of a loved one's estate and facing a dispute over the will? Are you a relative of someone who has died and concerned that someone else has exerted undue influence over the estate plan? Do you have any other concern over a will or trust?

I represent executors, trustees, beneficiaries and heirs in litigation over contested wills, trusts and other estate matters. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation about your concerns and options. I have offices in Encino and the Santa Clarita Valley.

Seeking Resolution Of Difficult Questions

While a will contest or trust contest can be a stressful experience for people who have recently lost a loved one and are now finding themselves on opposite sides of a dispute, it is important to clarify the intentions of the deceased person, and it is my experience that most estate litigation can be resolved before trial.

Probate lawsuits should be a last resort. Initiating estate litigation is more often a way to make sure each party has an opportunity to pursue a fair result.

In some cases, there are obstacles to litigation such as no-contest clauses, which specify that a beneficiary who loses a will or trust contest loses his or her right to inherit anything.

Prepared To Go To Court If Necessary

Although I strive to help my clients avoid the cost and delay of going to court over will contests and other litigated estate matters, I am fully prepared to take a case to trial if it is necessary to protect my clients' interests.

The probate courts operate under unique legal standards and procedures, so you should have an experienced lawyer if you are going to enter into estate litigation. Contact me to get a knowledgeable probate law attorney working on your behalf.