Business Succession Planning

Planning for Ownership and Control of Your Business

You've worked hard to build your business, whether you have done so as the sole owner of your business or as a business partner with people inside or outside your family. It is worth your time to take a moment and work with a lawyer to plan for the continued success of your business, protecting your legacy in the event of your death.

I help California clients devise smart, effective business succession plans. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation about your business and your concerns. I have offices in Encino and the Santa Clarita Valley.

Looking Into All of Your Business Succession Options

I will take a comprehensive look at the status of your business and your estate plan in order to come up with a business succession plan. I will work with you to put your intentions and goals in writing and help you make specific decisions such as the following:

  • Designate who will inherit the business
  • Plan for compensation of family members who helped you build the business
  • Choose beneficiaries for your life insurance policies
  • Mandate how your heirs should use business and insurance proceeds

As an attorney who regularly handles small business matters, estate planning and family law issues, a significant portion of my legal practice is focused on the areas where these legal fields intersect. I can help you design a business succession plan that takes into account all possible contingencies.

Working With Your Business Partners To Plan Ahead

If your business is operated as a partnership or otherwise jointly owned, you will want to make sure that your contracts with your business partners work with your estate plan. A comprehensive look at these issues will help you protect your interests and your family's interests, and avoid unnecessary arguments between relatives and business associates.

I am highly experienced at negotiating and drafting mandatory buyouts and other business succession agreements that account for the possible death of a business partner. Contact me to discuss how I can help you and your business.