Dedicated To Protecting Your Business Interests

Many of our firm's family law clients have business interests in one form or another. Sometimes, they are the sole owner of an enterprise that is likely to figure prominently in a divorce or legal separation. Other times, they own substantial interests, such as stocks, in a business. In some cases, our clients and their spouses are joint owners of a successful enterprise.

Every one of these scenarios presents unique legal and personal challenges for my clients. Our attorneys are committed to helping you with all the legal needs that arise out of a divorce or separation. These situations require not only superior legal knowledge, but also an intuitive business-like approach to protecting important interests. We are proud to help our clients retain the business success that they have worked hard to achieve.

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Personalized Service To Protect Your Business And Your Future

Our lawyers offer a carefully tailored set of legal services to those with business-related legal needs arising in the course of an impending divorce, as well as those who simply value personalized business services. They include:

  • Small-business legal services: We help new businesses incorporate, draft and execute contracts, and resolve common business disputes.
  • Divorce and family business: We help clients navigate California laws regarding the division of business interests during a divorce or legal separation.
  • Business succession planning: We guide clients through every stage of identifying and conveying business interests to the next generation of ownership.
  • Business organization and development: We assist entrepreneurs, enterprises and joint ventures with all of their legal needs.
  • Commercial litigation and mediation: We offer full-service counsel to businesses of all sizes in California.
  • Transaction and contract law: We help our clients through all aspects of their transactions, including negotiating contracts and drafting agreements for the sale of goods.

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